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Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday adoption fairs are limited sessions.


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Animal Adoption & Rescue Foundation
311 Harvey Street
Winston-Salem, NC 27103
336-768-PETS (7387)



  • Mondays 12-4pm
  • Tuesdays 12-6pm
  • Wednesdays 12-6pm
  • Fridays 12-6pm
  • Saturdays 12-4pm


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Have you ever wondered why AARF and it's volunteers do what they do?   
 Your answer awaits! 



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Interested in Adopting a new furbaby?  We have just the one (or two!) for you, waiting patiently to become a loving member of your family.  Start now by filling out an application for a cat or dog, email it to address on the application or drop it by AARF House at 311 Harvey Street  Winston-Salem,NC.  Then check out PetFinder for your perfect match! You can be preapproved so that when find your perfect match, they can go with you that day!  You will never be sorry for adopting!  



 An AARF Benefit 
Friday, June 9, 2017
6 PM to 9 PM
The Barn at Reynolda
106 Reynolda Rd Winston-Salem, NC




Fosters needed before Kitten Season!!!


Kris Dolloff will be heading up an Orientation program for new fosters for Newborn Kittens through Adult Cats.  AARF is in need of more fosters so that we may rescue and rehome more kittens.  Without foster familys there is no AARF.  Please consider fostering even if it is only 1 litter of kittens.  It really does bring joy and a sense of accomplishment to the fosters.  Knowing you have had a tiny part in saving a furry life is an amazing feeling.  Seeing the faces of the new Furbaby Moms and Dads and Children is what makes all the dirty liter boxes and trips to vet check night all worthwhile!  

The first Orientation class will be held Monday, March 6th at 7PM at AARF House.  311 Harvey Street  Winston-Salem, NC . There will be additional classes on Tuesday, March 21st at 7PM at AARF House also.  

For any additional information please email either Kris at  or  You can also call AARF directly at 336-768-7387 for fostering information at any time.









AARF has recently negotiated an agreement to partner with PetSmart so that we are able to have cats in their adoption centers at both the Hanes Mall Blvd.location and Hanes Mill Rd. stores. This is a great benefit to have at least ten cats that can be shown for adoption at high traffic places with longer hours than our AARF house location. PetSmart has also been kind enough to give us large boxes of food, litter and toys for our house cats. We greatly appreciate this opportunity to work with PetSmart to get even more cats and kittens adopted into great homes! Thank you PetSmart!!!!


Are you looking for the Perfect Valentine?  We have just what you need!  Cats and Kittens to make you realize what real Love is.  We have several Cats and Kittens at  PetSmart on Hanes Mall Blvd and on Hanes Mill Road.  Here is a sampling of who is there:


Jasper is a young neutered male cat who appears from the scar on his forehead to have had a hard time of it before finding AARF. He told an AARF volunteer that he loves to be petted and will purr for pets. He's sweet and friendly but still a bit shy with strangers.
Jasper is current on shots, is negative for FIV/FeLV, and has been neutered. Approximate DOB early 2016. He is awaiting his Valentine Sweetheart at PetSmart on Hanes Mill Road right NOW!.




Damon is 10 months old and is extremely affectionate and outgoing. He loves to play hard, sleep hard and snuggle up at night. Stop by PetSmart on Hanes Mill Rd to meet him.










Marlon is a sweet 10 month old boy who is friendly, social and laid back. He loves to play and give head butts.
Stop by PetSmart North on Hanes Mill Rd to meet them











Stella is a purring, biscuit making beauty of about 9 months old. She is looking for a lap to lay in and a soft spot to make her biscuits while she purrs you a lullaby. She will be at PetSmart on Hanes Mill Road on Monday, February 13th. Stop by and see her and her brother Stanley. They may just be the Valentine you've been looking for!



Stanley is a big boy of approximately 9 months old. He and sister Stella are both just loving lap kitties. He loves to lay on the kitty play mat and play with all the dangling toys. He would be the perfect addition to any family either alone or with sister Stella. Stop by to see him at PetSmart on Hanes Mill Road anytime starting Friday, Febryuary 10th.



 This is Yonah (pronounced Ya-na). She is eight years old, and in great health. She's an extremely sweet and loving gal that enjoys chin rubs and being petted. I have been around an older male cat, and have done OK with that. I have never been around dogs or small children. I love food! Food is the way to my heart. Visit me at PetSmart on Hanes Mill Road to make me your special Valentine!

 Hi!  I'm Cam.  I am a sweet, adventurous little boy. I come when you call me and I love to be the first one to run out and greet you. I am a beautiful soul with so much fun and energy. I was abandoned in my first week of life along with my brothers and sisters. I was loved and bottle fed from the moment my foster laid eyes on me. I am snuggly and I like to give you kisses. I play hide and seek but I always make sure you see where I am hiding. I am so much fun. I get along with other kittens and other cats. I really like kids and I would love to find a home that I can make you laugh and giggle all our years together. DOB 5/15/16.I am currently residing at PetSmart on Hanes Mill Road, come out to see me!!!



 Bishop is an adorable DSH tuxedo boy born in August 2016. He enjoys playing and is very lovable. Best known for making a toy out of paper and boxes. Contact us for more information about Bishop.He is interviewing for his forever home at PetSmart on Hanes Mall Blvd. He can be your Valentine if you hurry!






Blaze is a DSH tuxedo boy born in early August 2016. His foster describes him as "in charge" and "very sweet." Blaze, brother Bishop, and sister Addie are older cat and dog friendly. Come on over to PetSmart on Hanes Mall Blvd and make Blaze's Valentine wish come true!


Snookie is approximately 2 yeard old and has been a wonderful mother of five. She sheltered her babies in a drain. Thankfully, all were safely rescued. After her hard work as a dedicated mother, feeding, cleaning and caring for her babies she deserves a kind and loving forever home. She loves lots of attention and is good for someone who is home more often than not. She will be a loving companion for her new owner(s)! She waiting at PetSmart on Hanes Mall Blvd to be YOUR Valentine!



Triad Over 40’s Social Club





Triad Over 40's Social Club came by today with donations of dog and cat food. AARF was chosen for this year’s donations for the animal rescue lovers portion of their annual giving campaign. All the dogs and cats are jumping with joy and thanks over the goodies that they received!

Thank you so very much Triad Over 40's Social Club for your donations and support!


The Love of One Small Kitten




 There was once a family that was struggling to find contentment between their two cats. Both kitties were loved and ingrained in the family but did not particularly love each other. They co-existed but more was wanted by their parents. Oscar and house mate grumbled and complained with each other and caused John and Rob to be sad that their furkids weren’t happy with each other. As luck, would have it, John found Luke Keuchly on AARF’s pet finder site and fell in love with this tiny grey bundle. Luke was a liter of 4 named after the Carolina Panthers. He was the biggest of the liter and just what this family was looking for.


It was almost love at first sight. Luke was a little shy and being quiet and calm because of that. John was beginning to second guess himself because he wanted a kitten to play and be fun for his household. With some reassurance that the real Luke would surface when he was all nestled into his new home and feeling secure, John adopted his new little bundle and headed off to introduce the rest of the family to this soon to be the cuddle-backer of the house.

Luke got home and took a couple of days to come out and begin showing his happy and playful personality but when he did, it was perfect! Luke became Greyson and in a short time made friends with the other cats. “He is the sweetest, nicest kitten I have ever seen. He has completely changed our house around. He and the other male cat, Oscar are best friends now.” Greyson was becoming the glue to hold John’s house together with love and playfulness. Sometimes all it takes is a little bundle of love and sweetness to put smiles on human faces and purrs in the hearts of other feline kids in a home. “He is absolutely perfect. He couldn’t be a better cat!” End of adoption success story and beginning of The Love of One Small Kitten- family mender!







Despite the hard work of shelters and rescues everywhere, it is estimated that millions of dogs and cats enter America’s shelters each year, and more than half of them will never leave. While great progress has been made, accurate and comprehensive nation-wide data does not exist. It’s precisely this data that will guide good decision-making, and help us save thousands of sheltered animals’ lives. The numbers really do count..

Data drives the decisions that can help save companion animals’ lives and prevent homelessness. Fortunately, many shelters, AARF included since January 2016, already collect and report important data. But the time has come for all shelters to collect and report critical data on a national level. AARF is proud to have joined the Shelters and Rescues that are reporting to Shelter Animals Count!



 January 2017 Adoptions



From January 1 through January 31, 2017 AARF had 23 Cats adopted and 33 Dogs.   


If you are looking for the perfect furpal then AARF is the place to come!  If you have adopted from AARF already please accept our thanks for providing one of our babies a wonderful home!  If you are looking for worthy causes to donate to then AARF is most definitely one of those very special and worthy causes. Please take this opportunity to help the future of our cats and dogs with your donation today!  With your help we can do even more life saving! You never know when YOUR next Fur-family member will show up at AARF house because of YOUR donation today!!



Kittens, Cats and.......

 CUTENESS by the OODLES in our  



Fetured Cats and Kittens for the week of February 7 - February 14, 2017.  We will try to feature new furbabies every week for your adopting pleasure! 


Meet Shant


Adult Female DSH Gray and White Heart-Stopper


DOB  Mid-2015 



Meet Madame Shant, a gray and white short-haired female -- elegant, long and lanky, Shant appears to have some siamese in her gene pool. Note her posture, fine coat, delicate digits, slender tail and wise blue-green eyes accented by a lightning bolt across her face. She is estimated to have been born in early to mid 2015.
She has seen difficult times, but longs to love and be loved as a faithful friend.
She loves her babies (she came to AARF as an unwed mother) and is diligent in teaching them safety, as well as right from wrong.
She is chatty, tidy, and polite. She loves conversation and quiet, playtime and peace, gentle forehead rubs and back strokes. A scratching post at least 3 feet tall will be the best fit for her!
To make Madame Shant your very own Heart-Stopper contact foster at or 336 926-9269.
 Or you can contact AARF at 336-768-7387.



 Meet Nova



Adult Female DSH Black and White Tuxedo Darling


In AARF Foster Care since 2013


NOVA … a very sweet, black and white [“tuxedo”] female kitty, likely 5-7 years old.
She is spayed, declawed, up to date on her inoculations. She was dropped off one night at AARF W-S, with no information except that her original owner needed a nursing facility and her new home included another kitty, hostile to Nova. She has been in foster care since 2013, and has adapted well to living with another [male] kitty. Her disposition is good. She is sweet, purrs readily, and can be quite the “lap cat.” Earlier, she had some medical difficulties, but these have been resolved with veterinary attention and her health is good. She has lived in an adults-only household since her rescue. Her [admittedly biased] foster would call Nova “a sweetheart.” Make no mistake, she is also an active kitty who enjoys some jolly good playtime. Contact foster at to arrange to meet your next best Valentine.
 Or contact AARF at   336-768-7387


Meet Harly



Baby Female -DSH  and Torbie Valentine Girl


Harly is a beautiful brown and gray Torbie DSH female kitten, with hints of orange and adorable green eyes. Her previous owner was forced to give her up by their landlord, so Harly and her sister Quinn are being fostered by a loving family. As a result, both Harly and her sister have developed into very affectionate and well-adjusted little kittens. Harly loves to climb her cat tree and play with her favorite toys, and the other cats in the house. Harly is a very loving kitten who loves to curl up on your lap to take a cat naps, and is great around people, children and other cats.

Harly is up to date on her shots. Tested Negative for FIV and FeLV.

To make Harly your Valentine Gal contact Foster:
Bruce Hunter 262-332-0495 or  Or  contact AARF @ 336-768-7387!




Meet Kelvin



Young Male - DSH Black as Night and Shiney as a Full Moon

Date of Birth:  July 7, 2016



The Perfect Carolina Panther Fan’s Prize Kitty

Carolina Panther #1 receiver, Kelvin Benjamin, has nothing on our Kelvin. Born about 7/7/16, Kelvin came to AARF with Mama, sister Carolina and brothers Luke and Devin to become the #1 AARF receiver of a forever home of his own! He is the only Panther left in foster care.
In his quest to make it to the top he has learned to play ball with his siblings and his foster mates. He adores chasing and being chased by his house cat mates and his DOG house mates! You will often find him resting up for the next big play with a kitty or two in his favorite hiding place…Foster Mom’s closet!
Kelvin is the shy type. Early in his life, pre-AARF he had his tail broken…Sister Carolina’s tail was also broken. There is no information on how this happened but Foster Mom thinks that is what makes him shy and less trusting than some other cats. Much progress has been made and Kelvin now loves to cuddle and be petted…but on his own timeline. He will shy away if approached too fast and give you that look with those beautiful green eyes…"Hey, let me have my space right now, but I’ll come around to cuddle and get chin scratches later on”.
He needs a Mom and/or Dad that are willing to work with him on his trust issues and give him the space he needs to adjust. He will make you laugh out loud with his playful antics though. He probably would do best not being an only cat in the house and he certainly would not mind being house mates with a cat friendly dog either.
Kelvin is current on all age appropriate shots and has tested negative for FIV/FELV and is already neutered. He has the ball in his paws and is just waiting for the opportunity to make the winning touchdown and win the Super Bowl of adoptions. Contact Foster Crystal Beck 336-253-8001 or for your chance to be there for Kelvin’s win of a lifetime! Or you can contact AARF at 336-768-7387.


Meet Lena





Senior Female DLH Black Darling


Lena is 12 years old and quite a darling lady. Lena is a little bit of an exotic longhaired female who enjoys very much having her head rubbed. She will just purr and purr to express her enjoyment. She is hoping to find a nice comfy home to snuggle up with someone. She would make a good companion for someone wanting a sweet companion kitty. If you would like to meet Lena, you can meet her at Dynasty furniture at 1590 Peters Creek Parkway, Contact foster at or 336-830-3407
You can also contact AARF @ 336-768-7387


We ARE going to find this precious Lady a home of her very own.  If you know of someone that is looking for the cat that will be forever in their debt for rescuing her, this baby is for you!  Email or email ME ( and we can get you together with Lena and make both your lives so much happier!







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